The firm’s lawyers have studied law at the Bucharest University and other well-established universities in Romania and Italy. Seeking to improve our professional skills and better understand the business environment and the best interest of the clients, our lawyers have acquired business and financial degrees.

Our mission is to provide legal services of the highest quality.

Our values:
  • Professional excellence. Our lawyers focus on finding, understanding and solving the clients’ real problems, offering comprehensive legal advice and assistance, so that the value provided to the client is always higher than the expectations.
  • Promptitude. Our law firm understands the specifics and rhythm of our clients’ business activities. As a result, our continuous availability and our prompt legal advice guarantee not only the success of big projects, but also adequate solutions to urgent and unexpected problems.
  • Responsibility. Our clients’ problems become our problems. We help reducing business risk through a proactive approach aimed at preventing and promptly solving all possible problems.
  • Creativity and flexibility. Continuous adaptation to the client’s specific needs is one of the core values provided by our law firm. Employing the best working system aims to achieve an organic integration of our legal services within the support activities of our clients’ business.
  • Ethics and confidentiality. Our activity is guided by the highest ethical standards. We seek our clients’ trust by always avoiding conflict of interests and ensuring the confidentiality of all the business information we receive.
Our main working languages are Romanian, Italian and English.
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